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Safari Tent
Field Tent
Medical Tent
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Frame Tents
Comprises of a basic frame that is built first and then covered with canvas. When erected take on shape of a small chalet with enough space. Due to this size and shape it could be used for convenient storing.
Marquees Tents
Single roof consisting of one large room or section (depending on your need). The roof may be extended to each side to shade the walls to protect from rain. The walls may be detachable or attached to the top.
Double fly heavy duty tents

Tent with 15 cm air space between inner fly and outer fly for protection from heavy rain and hot weather (pleasantly air conditioner). Luxurious inner design as per your requirement. “Home away from home”. Horizontal pole going across the top.

Celiing Tent

Made for reception with cutworks or printed fabric as per your requirement is used to beautify. The name ceiling comes from its look.

Party Tents
Multipurpose tent with exclusive designs specially used for parties, weddings and get together. Usually with detachable virtual wall (Shayar) with open space between the roof and wall for natural air circulation. Beautiful designs of Cutworks or printed fabrics as per your requirement for inners to beautify.
Office Tents
Single room tent with spacious open/closed verandah in front and a spacious well designed room. Useful for field work as well as recreational purpose.
Meditation Tents

Tent that help provide avenues for self exploration. Retreat from the world to explore the divine within oneself. The tent provides the spiritual environment yet comfortable interior. Soothing color and spiritual symbols/designs make it more peaceful, creating the environment to discover the inner soul which gives the feel of being touched by the nature.

Safari Tents

Thin wall that separates what is right outside making a big difference. Heavy duty tent, suitable for long use even in extreme weather condition.

Swiss Cottage
A complete home away from home tent . The tent has an open / closed verandah in front and bathroom / dress room at back. Swiss cottage tent comprises of detachable wall.
Office Cottage
This Tent is best for external office purpose. Tent has beautiful inner & detachable bathroom.

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